Certain lines of Asus laptops emit an intermittent high-pitched noise resembling an electronic signal.  

The lines affected include the following:

eee PC 1201T

This noise has been variously described as a whirling noise, a chirping noise, a whiney noise, and a screeching noise akin to fingernails on a chalkboard.

This noise can be very irritating and have been the subject of numerous complaints to the company.  The company has not been very responsive to these complaints.

The good news is that there is a fix for this problem.  The process takes less than five minutes.  I'm no expert, but the following is what worked for me.  Follow these directions at your own risk!  If you have a better fix, please let them in the comments for everyone's benefit.

Step 1.

Click the Windows Start icon, and in the "Search Programs and Files" field type regedit

Step 2.

Navigate to the following folder:

CurrentControlSet \
Control \
Power \
PowerSettings \
54533251-82be-4824-96c1-47b60b740d00 \

Step 3.


Step 4.

On the top of the dialog box it should say DWORD

Step 5.

Change the 1 to a 0

Step 6.

Click on the Windows Start icon.

Go to Control Panel -->

Hardware and Sound -->

Change Plan Settings (for each plan that you use) -->


Advance Power Settings -->

Processor Power Management -->

Processor Idle Disable

Set both of them to Disable Idle.

* * *

Voila!  No more high pitched noise.

Did this work for you?  Did it not?  Do you have a better solution?  

Please let me know in the comments field.


RNM said...

very nice, thanks!!

Alex said...

This is not an acceptable solutions because the CPU will not step into idle mode and core temperatures will rise - the cooler will kick in all the time.

Elect said...

Ah perfect! After sending it to RMA with no solution, this works. A hotter CPU is a far better solution than the high pitched noise!

Dam you Asus, damn you..

Igor said...

This problem can be solved in a better way (for your processor)

After months of investigation I figured out that in many cases that noise has something to do with the internal microphone, go to
Start -> Control Panel -> Sound -> Record (2nd tab)
Just open the second tab - that's it - the sound is gone.

That helps me and a lot of people with the high pitch noise problem although it's annoying to see Sound always open in your taskbar... (but not as annoying as the sound itself =) )

I hope ASUS release new sound drivers

Robin said... are a GENIUS! This horrid noise stopped immediately! :) Thank you soooo much!

Ig0r said...
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Igor said...

You are welcome, Robin!
Although I'm not the author of this fix - I've found it somewhere on the net as well =)

Maybe some developers can make a small soft which does the same as opening Record tab but keep it in the tray or hide it completely. There is no reason "Sound" should take space in taskbar(

But this still doesn't cure the problem... it just hides it)

Linda said...
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Linda said...

I was able to follow up onto the power option step but after that I couldn't follow the instructions anymore. My computer doesn't display any advance power option. What should I do instead?

Alex said...

Linda: go to "Change Plan Settings"

jeff said...

thanks very much for the fix. It's nice to not have that SUPER annoying high pitch sound. However, I'm a bit worried about the things we're shutting off here to get rid of it.

Can you explain exactly what's being disabled?

mapki said...

There is a better solution to this problem. Check video: and read comments. Works perfectly and don't make the fan go crazy!

Orlando Bennington said...

Works like a charm...

Thanks a LOT man!

homayooon said...

it was great, tanx a lot! OMG unbeilvable

Rudy said...

Thank you very much, it works, i was crazy about noise for a long time. You re genius.

mongolianmiller said...

THANK YOU. THIS FIXED IT! I feel like I'm no longer killing dogs in the neighborhood.

Please update your computer list to include the UL20ft. Great, the UL series is affected too. Blah!

JoNAsOS3 said...

Does anyone have any idea on how to do the fix that mapki posted ( ) on an ASUS G53SX? I tried following the guide, but I get a BSOD, likely because I have a different CPU ( Core i7-2630QM ). Please anyone, I'm really at a loss here! :/

And thanks for the guide on this page btw, the main one. It worked for me, but it made my fan speed up, and my CPU pretty hot, so I'd love it if someone could help me with the guide mapki linked to (or any other solution for that matter!) Thanks!

JoNAsOS3 said...

I think I found a solution! Has been working for me for the past few hours at least :)

I followed the guide discussed in this thread: said...

I have an Asus N61J laptop that had a loud scraping noise when using Windows Explorer or emptying the Recycle Bin.

The registry change alone made the problem disappear. I did not have to change the processor state.

Store Daily Mart said...
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Alex21 said...

IT'sgood solution,i tried to disassemble my laptop, but I failed, so I found manuals for Asus(found on

homayooon said...

After several months looking for how to fix this problem, I think the only way which doesn't affect the CPU ( because most of solutions increase CPU temperature a lot) is the one which Igor has said earlier in these comments!
" go to
Start -> Control Panel -> Sound -> Record (2nd tab)
Just open the second tab - that's it - the sound is gone.

That helps me and a lot of people with the high pitch noise problem although it's annoying to see Sound always open in your taskbar... (but not as annoying as the sound itself =) )"

mytchall18 said...

I just found a fix myself RIGHT now, I was having a problem where if you turned the volume up (above 73ish) it would give a high pitched whine or feedback noise....On my $3000 Asus G7!!!!!
So I researched the web for ages but couldn't find anything. Then coming here made me have another good look at and I solved it!
I'm running windows7, I just went to the 'recording devices' window by right clicking the sound icon in the system tray. Then I right-clicked the microphone, went to the 'Levels' tab and turned the 'Microphone Boost' down to 0 decibels! Simple as that!

Ayko said...

Igor solution is not working for me...same with mytchall18's. I didn't try to change any value on the registry(not recommended). Although the sound seems to have diminished(once every 10 minutes or so) if i switch the CPU to maximum performance using "Power4Gear" on my ASUS. Anyway read Dillard post:

Vivi said...

I bought my Asus in January of 2012and recently started to experience a high pitched noise which sounded like the interference noise from a microphone. This would happen everytime that I would close the laptop. The laptop sounded like it was about to explode and I ended up having to remove the battery. I called Asus Tech Support and in less than 10 minutes the problem was fixed. It was the microphone settings that were set to high. More specifically, the microphone boost. Go to the speaker icon (bottom right of the task bar) and right click. Click Sounds. Then click the Recording tab,select the microphone icon and then click properties. Uncheck "listen to this device" and check "disable automatically to save power". Click on the Levels tab, and slide the microphone level to "40". Slide the microphone boost to "0.0db". Click on the Enhancement tab and uncheck "Disable all sound effects" and check "DC Offset, Noise Suppression and Accoustic Echo Cancellation". These were the exact instructions provided by tech support but if you feel more comfortable having them guide you please call 1-877-339-2787. Good luck.

P.S. My kids recently started using the laptops webcam using a program called "OoVoo" which may have affected some of the microphone settings.

Anonymous said...

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Bryan Salisbury said...

In windows 7 you can select listen to device in the microphone properties and then mute it in the sound mixer which accomplished the same thing as Igor's fix and means the tab doesn't have to be open all the time.

Dan said...
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Dan said...

I have a K52JR with the same problem, and I was able to eliminate the noise with Igor and Vivi's method. Some of the results are summed up here:

NOTE: Do not attempt the registry edit approach as described in the original blog post. Like Alex said in the comments, "CPU will not step into idle mode and core temperatures will rise - the cooler(fan) will kick in all the time." In my opinion, the loud fan is just as annoying as the high pitched sound, not to mention that high core temperatures are not exactly good for the longevity of your laptop.

Steps to eliminate the high pitched noise:
1. In Windows 7, right click on the speaker icon in the task bar(this is where your clock is displayed), and click on recording devices.

2. Double click on Microphone to enter the "Microphone Properties" window.

3. Go to the "Listen" tab, and check the "Listen to this device" option. This will eliminate the high frequency noise that we all have accepted as a part of life at some point. Click OK, and OK. Congratulations, that noise will not appear again. The following instructions pertain to dealing with the microphone feedback that may occur when this setting is checked.

NOTE: Do not alter the "Microphone Boost" setting in the "Levels" tab(in Microphone Properties) as described By Vivi in the comments section for two reasons: For internal mics(i.e. the one that's build into the laptop), the boost is necessary for it to pick up sound at a reasonable distance. Also, this is a setting that may be easily changed by third party software(e.g. Skype) in the future so you might as well just leave it alone.

By selecting "Listen to this device" in step 3, it is now possible for the the speaker to create a positive feedback with the microphone input(That's when what you say is echoed back louder and louder). To avoid this, you have several different options:

Option (a): Left click on the speaker icon from the task bar, click on Mixer, and click on the speak icon below the microphone levels bar to disable the microphone. Enable only when you need to use the microphone. If feedback occurs when microphone is on, see option(b).

Option (b): Left click on the speaker icon from the task bar, click on Mixer, and turn down your system sounds.

Option (c): Following options (a) and (b), find an acceptable mix of system sounds levels and microphone levels that does not produce the feedback on a daily basis. Test by talking to your laptop.

Option (d): Plug in your headphones instead of using the speaker.

Finally, I'd like to thank the blog creator and fellow commenters to finally help me fix this problem! I love this laptop but the sound really drove me insane at one point. I hope this consolidation will help others as well.

servis said...
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CowboyBear said...
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thatguy said...

thanks a ton! worked on my asus-K50IJ

caitlin b. hults said...

I tried the registry fix and would like to undo everything I did!

I'm afraid the fan is going to cause my computer to crash!! But I can't change the power settings back to the original format. Please help!

Usman Mehboob said...
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iasson zergiotis said...

I don't know if it was your idea or not, but thank very very much for your guide :)

Matchgirl42 said...

I just got off the phone with ASUS tech support and it looks like the problem with my laptop that was creating this noise is a problem with the battery. (It's also been having an issue where, seemingly on a whim, it would switch from plugged in - charging to plugged in - not charging, and the battery never got above 90% charged). To test this in your own laptop, shut down the laptop, unplug the charger (noise should stop after you do if the battery is the problem), take the battery out, plug the charger back into the laptop, then power the laptop back on. If the battery is the issue, the noise should be gone. As my laptop was purchased at Best Buy, and as I was told Best Buy is an authorized repair center for ASUS, I have been directed to take my laptop there for diagnostics and repair (no charge as it's currently under warranty). Hopefully it's just a bad battery and will be a simple matter of a battery switch-out. I will come back and update with what Best Buy finds tomorrow.

Matchgirl42 said...

Well, I went to Best Buy and they tested it. It's not the battery - the Geek Squad tech now says that it's likely the part of the laptop that transfers power to the battery. So I'm going to have to send it to ASUS for warranty repair. Thankfully, as Best Buy is an authorized service center for ASUS, they can ship it for me for free.

BoT said...

Well done. Worked for me. Thanks.

Scott Bradford said...

Worked perfectly. You are my hero! None of the other recommended solutions (disabling recording devices, etc.) did anything.

Mine is a UL80J. Please add it to the list as well :-).


Chandler Rice said...

I have Windows 8 and this doesn't work for me...

Angela Dixon said...
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dwguy said...

Worked ! wow it worked- i suspected it started after i changed the power settings but i could not figure out what happened and why

Lacy Brown said...

Asus has awful customer service.
Asus Technical Support

ins0mni4c7 said...

Hello to everyone who suffers from the so called "CPU whine noise" that appears when CPU is idling. I know that this is an old thread, but so many people are still having the same issue that I just have to post this.

I've also been experiencing the same problem and after many of nightmarish hours I've finally found the solution that actually WORKS!!! :)

Just for your information:
Forget about the "Processor idle disable" option... Even though it makes the CPU idle (whine) noise go away, it will also make your CPU temperatures go high and the fan will be spinning like crazy + the battery will drain faster.

If the trick with Microphone works for you, fine... but for me and many others it did not help at all.

What you actually need to do is:
1. Follow the steps written here:

Change the Processor idle promote threshold from 95% to 100% (!) This additional tweak killed the CPU noise/whine (when idling) for my computer completely.

Don't worry if you don't have an SSD! (I have an Asus N56JR laptop without an SSD and it works great)

The noise was driving me crazy and this is the ONLY and THE BEST solution that actually worked for me :) Give it a try, you can always reverse the changes... Please let us know if it worked for you too.

BTW: enjoy the silece ^^
- ins0mni4c7

hollowkenshin said...

ins0mi4c7 i love you.

Alex Gold said...

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mark D said...

You are a fucking god among men!!!!!

Anna Listiawati said...

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Ronny Ysabel said...

What attributes?? please help on step 3

Ronny Ysabel said...

still have it

alex said...

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alex said...

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Jovan Strnad said...

This resolves the noise problem but do you realize that when idle is disabled, CPU performance is always on 100% :), so it will drain out the battery in 15 minutes, not to mention overheating.

X Gempler said...

Did not help me.
But it is more helpful than Asses, I mean Asus who does not give crap about having screwed so many of their customers by making this horrible machine and doing nothing to make it right.
When will a class action be filed?

hovis said...
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hovis said...
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bewafa you said...

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Alex Szukiewicz said...

Igor, THANK YOU! I was starting to go crazy!

Emma Anderson said...

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lee woo said...

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Charlie Raisor said...

NONE of these solutions is helping me... please help @_@ using asus g750jm


thank you

harper dell said...

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Pedro Leiria said...

Worked like a charm in a semi-new Asus N552vx ! Thank you!

Laila Hussain said...

Can you please share the drivers of ASUS EEEBOOK X205TA ?? I wanna install them on my brother's laptop.

Marian said...

Same problem with ASUS K72JR and Win7, thx for help!!!

Doutgen kroes said...

Thanks you so much Support for Asus.

Kit Bryer said...

Can someone please update this to work with Windows 10??? Step 6 is meaningless to me and this chirping noise is driving me insane!

Miracle Electronics said...

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

this process makes CPU work always %100 and make CPU temperature double (it's about 40 but after this process it's about 70) I think it's harmful. And since the CPU work more than it should be, there's anohter annoying sound. In result, this is not a solution.

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